Zapier Tutorial: How to Make Videos From Wordpress Posts

We created a video tutorial and a detailed blog post that shows you how to automatically make a personalized video for every new blog post using two free tools: Zapier and Sezion. This Zap will help you improve your SEO, get blog traffic and promote your content.

Zapier Video Tutorial: How to promote your blog posts with video

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The Zapier concepts you need to learn

What are triggers and actions:

Triggers and actions are simply events. They can be things like a "new post" or a "new comment". A Zap combines triggers and actions — whenever the trigger event occurs, Zapier automatically completes the action for you.

Wordpress Triggers

  • New Comment: Triggered when you add a new comment.
  • New Category: Triggered when you add a new category.
  • New Post Format: Triggered when a new post format is created.
  • New Post Type: Triggered when you add a new post type!
  • New Author: Triggered when a new author is added.
  • New Post Status: Triggered when a new post status is added.
  • New Taxonomy: Triggered when you add a new category, tag or custom taxonomy.
  • New Post: Triggered when you add a new post.
  • Any Webhook (Instant): Using the HookPress plugin, trigger off of pretty much anything!
  • New Comment Status: Triggers when a new comment status is created

Sezion Actions:

  • Create Video: Creates a new video with the data sent by the trigger.

Example of a video that combines Wordpress Triggers with Sezion Action:

When Zapier combines Wordpress and Sezion, Sezion instantly makes a video. Within your Sezion account you can choose where you want that video to be uploaded. The common choice is YouTube.

This is an examples of a video created with Sezion with inputs or content coming from Wordpress: 

What information Zapier asks to make videos from Wordpress posts with Sezion?

First, you'll need to connect your Wordpress and Sezion account to Zapier. This video shows you how to connect your Sezion account to Zapier:

Once you've done that, it depends on every trigger, but it is really easy to set up. If you want to make a video for your new posts, then Zapier will ask you to choose the following information:

Filter Wordpress Triggers:

Zapier: Filter Wordpress triggers
Filter Wordpress Triggers - Zapier 

Only trigger a "New Post" from WordPress when...

  • Post Status (optional):
    • Draft
    • Private
    • Pending Review
    • Published
  • Post Type (optional):
    • Posts
    • Medias
    • ...

You can also add filters based on other WordPress fields to only allow some items, in order to make videos whenever you want.

Match up WordPress Post to Sezion Video:

Template (required):

Zapier: Match up Wordpress post to Sezion video
Sezion Video Template Options - Zapier

The template which will be used to create the video. You'll see a list with your Sezion video templates. Depending on the template you choose, Zapier will automatically show you the Dynamic Media from Sezion that every template has. 

Dynamic Media within Sezion are the different elements (texts, images, audios, videos) in a template that are variable and can be different in every final video. Dynamic Media are what make a video personalized: the inputs coming from Wordpress (for example: post title, post excerpt, keywords, etc.), shown in the final video created with Sezion. 

Video Title (optional):

Zapier Match up  WordPress Post to  Sezion Video
Sezion Video Title and Video Description - Zapier

The title for the video. Zapier gives you the option to insert a field coming from Wordpress. In the video example you just watched, the video title is also the blog post title.

Video Description (optional):

Any information that will appear as a description for the video. As with the Video Title, Zapier gives you the option to insert one or several fields coming from Wordpress. In the previous video example, the video description is the blog post excerpt, the blog post url and a typed text ("Read the full article"):

Read the full article: Video has the added ability to be personalized and hyper-focused; which only reinforces its position as the most engaging format. With bidirectional communication being an important aspect of our digital age, brands often receive high praise for personalized and localized messages.

A good video description provides information on what the video is about. It helps your viewers understand what they’ll be watching and it gives the search engines an overview of the content inside the video. We wrote an article about how to write effective YouTube description to improve SEO, so we got your back :-).

Dynamic Media (required):

Zapier: Sezion's Dynamic Media example
Sezion Dynamic Media - Zapier

Dynamic media from the template. If it's an image, video or audio it has to be a URL. In the video example I only used one Dynamic Media: the blog post title, using the "insert field" option mentioned before.

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