How to Install a Video Template

Installing a Sezion video template is easy. In this example we'll show you how to install the Energy template, but you can follow this example as a reference for any other template. Energy is a video template for ecommerce. With it you can easily generate hundreds or thousands of videos from any database or even from a simple spreadsheet (thanks, Zapier!)... in minutes. You can download the Energy template for free now here:

Let us show you how to add the template to your Sezion account

  1. Go to the Templates page and select "blank template"
  2. Download this Script (JSON), open it with your browser and copy/paste it in the SCRIPT field.
  3. Press the green "CHECK" button.
  4. Once the script is validated, upload the Input Media. You'll find them below the SCRIPT field. This section defines the content that will appear in the final video. These elements are images, videos, audios or texts previously defined in the script. It can be as follows:
    • Template Media: This media can be uploaded from a computer, amazon, a URL or Sezion (if the media was previously uploaded). This kind of input media always appears in every the generated video. This is part of the structure, and is what will be used in all videos.
    • Dynamic Media: This media (i.e, text, images) is variable for every generated video. It can be changed every time a video is made.
  5. Save the template: Press the "Save" button. The template along with all the static media will be uploaded to Sezion.
  6. Testing the template: This is a way to test your template that simulates the process that goes on behind the scene. Once you are ready to actually begin mass creating videos, there are other, more efficient ways to create videos with a template (Zapier, API, SDKs).

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