How Long Does Integration with Sezion Take?

Using Sezion with Zapier

Using Sezion services with Zapier takes up to 10 minutes. You can do so much more with Sezion by connecting it to the other apps you use like Google Docs, Instagram, and Twitter to automatically generate personalized videos from their data feed.

We prepared a howto video and a blog post that will help you understand how to easily make videos from a spreadsheet using Zapier.

Using Sezion with Shopify

In the case of an ecommerce store in Shopify, it will take no more than five minutes. Just install the Sezion app for Shopify to automatically make videos for your products and follow the easy steps.

If you are a developer, you can also create your own Shopify app by using our Shopify SDK and adapt it to your needs.

Using Sezion with your own platform, Video API

For CMS, it can generally take up to a week to complete the integration with Sezion's Video API and to program every aspect of your ideal video. Afterward, you can effortlessly begin the generation of a potentially infinite number of videos.

Using Sezion with your own platform, Video SDKs

Using Sezion’s SDK (Javascript), it will take even less time because the complications of using an API will be eradicated.

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